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Implement Knowledge Action Learning (KAL)

Knowledge Sharing is essential to deliver tangible business value from knowledge that an organization possesses. It ensures long term value delivery and operational effectiveness for an organization. We help organizations leverage the collective know-how and experience of their employees to perform effectively. We do this by developing a sustainable knowledge management framework - simple processes and practices that enable employees to quickly capture and share knowledge among the organizations. In plain words - We help organizations get work done work smarter and faster.

Knowledge Action Learning (KAL) is comprehensive set of Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Learning services. We develop an action based 12 months program where participants form a team to work on developing knowledge sharing culture in the organization. They are provided with practical and structured tool/framework to implement knowledge sharing and develop the learning culture within the organization.

Knowledge Action Learning (KAL) Process

Case Studies

  • Developing the KM Roadmap for non-profit health care
  • Knowledge Sharing Capacity in India

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